Sunday, March 6, 2011

Forgiving the Lord


Yesterday I was in a conversation with a new friend of mine and we stumbled upon a pretty powerful, but strange realization. You know, we often hear that people are having a hard time receiving forgiveness from the Lord. But I think the opposite is also quite common.

Some of us need to forgive God!
Hold on, Noah. God is perfect. He never did anything wrong that needs forgiven. True. But whether he did anything wrong or not, I think that some people need to forgive him in their hearts, stop blaming him for their problems and love him the way he wants to and deserves to be loved.
Interesting to me that the Lord seems to be the first one that people point the finger at when tragedy strikes or life seems to be falling apart. Folks submit the common complaints like: "If God loved me, why does he let all this happen?"

Let me submit this challenge to those of you that do not really love Jesus yet, but like to blame him: If he is real enough to blame, than he is real enough to love!

So, I encourage you....maybe you need to forgive God and then receive the forgiveness that He has already offered you.

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