Monday, March 14, 2011

Blackberry for Missions



For some odd reason, South Africa shows serious favoritism to Blackberry owners.  For the equivalent of $8.50 US a month, you get unlimited Blackberry data, emailing and texting. This is significantly less than other phones.  So, many of the missionaries here would LOVE to have a blackberry to stay in touch, purchase one here is like $300-$900 US dollars.  Outrageous prices for the actual device.  


So, here is the question for you or anyone you know have any old Blackberries laying around that you are no longer using and are willing to donate?  I know it is a stretch, but if this request yields even one, it is worth it.  


If you can locate one and get it to my sister Selah by April 2, she can bring it when she comes April 4.  She can be reached at  


Thank you so much!  If nothing else, can you spread the word?

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