Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Organic Church

Only 12 books made it with me to South Africa. Some that are my faves. Others that I had not read yet, but wanted to. Over the last three days, I read "Organic Church" by Neil Cole. Been throwing some tweets out from it over the last few days, but I thought I would offer a brief review. Overall, great book. Frankly, I liked the first half more than the second half. Seemed to summarize the essence well in the beginning. Then, told stories at the end. Here are a few highlights for me:

Most warm blooded things living things grow to a point and then reproduce. And church is no different. Organic churches are grass roots churches that begin with a few people where Jesus is at work and then multiply themselves as they make disciples. They lead together and are not afraid to empower new followers of Jesus.

I appreciated the way that the author never proclaimed a certain size, style or model of church to be the best. He simply laid out several principles that he thinks needs to be present in Biblical church.

The driving idea here is the we bring Jesus to lost people...instead of what we are so accustomed to....bringing lost people to Jesus.
An organic or simple church, more than any other, is best prepared to saturate a region because it is informal, relational and mobile. The focus of Organic church is to reproduce healthy disciples, leaders, churches and movements to fill the earth with God's Kingdom.
That is a very basic summary. There are several other poignant concepts that emerged for me in addition to this. I will post those soon in dedicated blogs. PS- If you like movies, you will like this book. The guy uses loads of movie examples to make his points.

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