Saturday, February 26, 2011

One year ago today...

One year ago today...we were intensely desperate to hear God's voice for our future as a family. I felt like a terrible Husband with no idea how I would lead my family. All I knew is, like Abraham, we had to go!
One year ago today...I met with my mentor, Glenn Kauffman at 8am for what would be a God-ordained and prophetic conversation. In it, he (as my friend, Bishop and the GM Director of EMM) asked if it may be the Lord's will that we join into a church planting movement called All Nations.

One year ago today....we heard the Lord (through Glenn) speak the words "South Africa" into our future.
One year ago today...I picked up Tricia, took her to Olive Garden for lunch and said..."how about we follow God to Africa?" I thought she would throw a breadstick at me.

One year ago today...she said yes! And we have not looked back yet.

One year ago today, we went to bed knowing that we would be in South Africa tonight! And we are. And it is right where God wants us to be.

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