Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here We Go...

Well, here we go...

We are here in Cape Town and settling in. So far, so great! Here are a few random updates.

We are in a nice (but very small) room at the Silver Palms guest house. We may be here for 3 weeks. Then, we may move again. And then again! ;-) Or maybe not! We just simply do not know. Until July 1 (when CPx is over), we have no control over where we reside. This will likely be the hardest part for us. But God is good, and He will be with us. Tricia has already made our home (our room) lovely.

Trying to secure cell phones and Internet right now and it is quite confusing. So many things we are learning. It will take a while to get past the "feeling stupid" part. For instance, I stand at cash registers and just kinds stare at the cashier and my money as I try to figure out what size bill to hand them...or whether it is coins I should be using?! For instance: I bought 2 diet sodas today for 13.50 and was you want this 100 Rand paper bill or do you want this pile of change in my pocket? So, after the nice lady looked at me funny, she took the pile of change, sorted through it and handed me back a few coins. What a laugh. We will have these moments for a while.

The weather is indescribably beautiful!! There just are not words.

We are excited to begin to connect with All Nations Staff people and begin ministering locally. For now, though, we are focusing on settling in and Davis starting school Monday.

Pray for:
  • Davis to get well.
  • The car buying process (Monday).
  • Emotional Strength....things can go from good to overwhelming fast when you are in adjustment like this.
  • Spiritual Awareness and sensitivity to how God's Spirit wants to be using and directing us.
Here is a map of where we are. We are living in Noordhoek:

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Ben Rainey said...

Love you guys, and praying for you.