Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years in New York

Yesterday, Tricia, Davis and I drove to upstate NY (East Greenbush) to bring in the new year with Tricia's family. This visit is extra special to us for several reasons. It will be our last time seeing Tanya, Artie, Abuela and the kids until 2013 (likely). So, our heart's desire is just to spend quality and quantity time with them. In addition, we are excited to be preaching at Calvary Assembly of God in Hudson, NY this Sunday. Calvary Assembly and Freedom Fellowship (our family's church pastored buy Art Henderson, Sr.) recently merged into one church, so we look forward to meeting new people and new partners in mission. This is one of our supporting churches. Excited to connect with other family and friends while here as well. Always nice to be back in my Sweetheart's hometown.

Looking forward to bringing in the NEW YEAR in NEW YORK! We will be in MD by January 3 for our final 9 days in the USA.
Here are the kids this morning getting ready to go out and play in the snow...and there is lots of it...

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