Saturday, December 11, 2010

Logging Off for 9 Days

Rumor has it that adjusting to living overseas is pretty stressful. Well, I can personally vouch for the fact that preparing to move overseas in no walk in the park either. Not complaining! We are incredibly thankful for the blessings we have each day. But this time has been one of high intensity and high pressure. Our MST recently got all over us about resting before we leave!

Well, this morning, we are logging off and going away. Tricia, Davis and I are spending the next 9 days with my Mom and Dad on a family getaway. My parents invited us to spend this intentional time with them before we leave for two years. Mom and Dad are not getting any younger and we are so thankful for the memories that we are about to share over this next week and a half. We struggled with whether we could get away during such a busy time, but then we realized that this is what it is to finish strong. Family is more important than the task list and will always be. While there is plenty to be doing before we leave, nothing is more important than spending time with our parents.

So, off we go! We will be back in action on December 20.

Until then...I'm logging off.


cheryl said...

You have both been working hard and well deserve a break to be with your family!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy the vacation. Family is an important part of who we are.......without your parents you wouldn't be the man that you are.

DB.VA said...

Though of you this morning and send up some prayers expect results before the day is through!
Blessings!!! From your brother in Virginia Beach.