Monday, October 11, 2010

Sermon #241

Sunday was a tough day. I preached my last sermon as the Pastor of CCF. It was the 241st sermon I've preached since I was 16. Yes, I have kept track. Laugh all you want. ;-) I am happy with how Sunday turned out. I'll take it! The Lord literally had me change my message up between 2am-7am Sunday morning. And I am glad He did. Found all sorts of encouraging ways to unpack Rev. 21:1-8!

Let me just go on record and say this-- I will really miss preaching! I am not the best by any standard, but I LOVE sharing the Word of God and pointing people to Jesus.

Just before I preached, Tricia and Davis took me off in a room and gave me a card and a gift. The words she wrote on the card were priceless. The gift will be special to me forever. It is coming to Cape Town! It is a picture/plaque explaining the word "Journey"! It was right on target for what we are going through. Here's a picture of it below. I feel so totally loved by my family!


Anonymous said...

Your reflection in the plaque gives it even more meaning.


Noah said...

LOL! Missed that. funny.