Sunday, October 24, 2010

Countdown to Cape Town (Finance Edition)

The countdown to Cape Town is on. We are only about 75 days away from departing. But, before we can go anywhere, we have a budget to finish raising.

I plan to share an update on this blog every 1-2 weeks so you know where we are in our fundraising process.

There is a lot that I could share with you about what we have done so far and what our strategies are for the future, but I will spare you all the details and make this quick and to the point.

As of tonight, we are at 30% of the pledges and commitments that we need to depart in January.

This is good news and challenging news.

The good news is...
  • We are only about 2 months into the fundraising process! And this 30% was reached with a rather small list of donors (so far)!
  • More good news is that I was a Pastor until 4 days ago and am only NOW free to begin traveling around, meeting with folks, speaking at churches, etc. So, in many ways it is amazing that we are at 30% having done so little of that up to this point.
  • It is also good news that this 30% includes only ONE church/organizational commitment. This is all individuals who have made one time gifts or monthly pledges. That is good news because as we hear back from churches (we are in strategic conversation with about 15 churches) and travel around sharing, we hope to see churches commit and this number really jump.
The challenging news is more obvious...
  • We have a long way to go!!
  • And we do not have a lot of time left!!

Can YOU help us? Can you partner with us in any of the 3 ways below?
  1. We need prayer! Will you pray for us?
  2. We are looking for financial supporters! Can you support us with a monthly pledge (or a one time gift)? Monthly pledges that spread over two years really help the percentage increase rapidly. (A $500 one time gift may seem huge, and it is! But a $50 a month commitment over two years is $1,200 toward our budget!)
  3. Do you know people, churches or organizations that we might be able to connect with as supporters?
If you are willing to do any of the three things above, would you please email me at as soon as possible (or message me on FB, leave a comment, text me, call me, whatever)? We would really be encouraged to hear from YOU in the next few days.

I assure you that the Lord is in this calling and that you will truly enjoy watching your investment pay off in the next few years!

Thank you for helping us follow God!

Noah, Tricia and Davis

PS- If you wish to know more about our vision (material or a meeting/conversation), please let us know. We would be honored to provide you with anything you need or to meet with you.

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