Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Become an Integer

Integrity. There are many definitions floating around out there. Here is the one that has been speaking to me recently.

The base word for integrity is integer. The definition of integer is simply this: A whole number. Something that is not a fraction. Complete in itself.

So, it hit me. If you are fractured, you are a fraction. If you are a fraction, you are not whole and people are only getting a portion of you. God wants you to be whole. And so do your family and friends. What does this look like?

There is ONE YOU! You are whole. An integer. That gives you integrity.

As a result, there cannot be:
  • The you at work.
  • The you at church.
  • The you on the stage.
  • The you with your kids.
  • The you with your spouse when people are around.
  • The you with your spouse when you are alone.
  • The you with your parents.
  • The you with your High School friends.
  • The you with your College friends.
  • The you out with the guys.
  • The you out with the girls.
The more "yous" there are, the less people trust you, because they are never sure who they are about to get.

You want more integrity? Become an integer. Be whole. Jesus died to make you whole!

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