Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Car Miracle

Everyone has different definitions of miracles.

Here is mine: When God shows up and does something you cannot!

I want to share my miracle from today.

I have been trying and trying and trying to sell a car that was donated to us for our mission! I really wanted it behind me and I had a deadline coming soon (by the donor). I prayed a few days ago and asked the Lord to PLEASE help me sell it by the time I go out of town...which is TODAY at 1:00pm!! Well, 30 minutes ago while working at Panera, I stepped outside an sold the car to a GREAT buyer (lady with kids) for all cash!! I used a Panera butter knife (at the advice of the manager) to remove the tags, handed the title over and it's all done! ONE HOUR BEFORE GOING OUT OF TOWN!! I asked God to sell it before we left. And he did...in his timing.

This morning was another reminder to me...one that I needed again....that the Lord is in control and will do things on his schedule.

Had to share! Rejoicing right now.

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Anonymous said...

That rocks!!! So cool. God is faithful.