Monday, December 7, 2009

Two Trees (Provoking Excerpt)

My last blog post was triggered by this section in Joyner's "There Were Two Trees in the Garden." Read this concept reflectively:

There are many 'good' causes being championed in the world today that frequently serve as distractions for Christians, because they draw our attention away from our true calling. In most cases, there is no question that the issues are just and right, but they only deal with the symptoms -- they leave the disease untouched. Homosexuality is a flagrant perversion, but it is only a symptom of a much deeper problem. Abortion is a horror, but it too is just a symptom. Even communism and fascism, in their most cruel and oppressive forms are but symptoms of the disease that afflicts the soul of a man. For centuries the church has been offering the world bandaids for a deep, mortal wound. What man needs is more than just behavioral changes. We must stop flailing at the branches and put an ax to the root of the tree...

...Man's nature must change. In every man and woman born, there is a nature which seeks to draw all attention and worship to itself...The good of the tree of knowledge has always been more effective in separating us from the Lord than the evil has been [just ask Adam and Eve]. The goodness of man can be the most ugly manifestation of his pride and rebellion against God. The entire tree of knowledge must be torn from our soul by the roots.

Deep, huh? Thoughts? What does this mean to you?

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