Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Holidays are HERE!

Last night, Davis and Tricia and I went and walked the Annapolis Mall. It is free fun (if you don't buy things). And there is a cool play area for Davis. Well, to our surprise, the Mall had Christmas decorations up! November 7th! And Starbucks has released their red cups! And Christmas carols were playing in the speakers. You know what this means? The Holidays are upon us. The temperatures are cold and we are now counting down in weeks.

The last 6 weeks of the year are my favorite time of the year. I am getting excited already. Great time for reflecting on old memories and making new ones, enjoying old traditions and starting new ones, family, food, festivities. Just a GREAT time of the year. And although it is early November, I am getting excited already!

Hope you are too. Commit to make this a joyful season and put the Lord, Jesus Christ at the head of it all.

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