Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why I LIKE Halloween!

I know that many Christians take a stand against Halloween. Today, I want to tell you why this Pastor LIKES Halloween. (Note: I am OK with you disagreeing with me on this. Really.)

There are plenty of things that I do NOT like about Halloween, especially as a Christ Follower. At our home, we don't celebrate Halloween. We celebrate "Costume and Candy Day"! No ghosts, demons, devils or evil costumes. Davis is going to be a cowboy. When I was a kid, I was Moses one year and Noah another. Original, huh?

Well, let me tell you what I do like about Halloween:
  1. It is fun to play dress up if you are a kid. Stretches the imagination and builds excitement. Why not?
  2. I like that generosity is expressed by so many on this day. Free candy! Win!
  3. What other time in the year do you get to walk up to 50+ of your neighbors doors, find them home, they open their door to you, and you get to make a connection in the name of kids? Powerful opportunity! This year, I plan to get some names, write them down in my iPhone as I walk away and call them by name next year.
  4. What other night of the year will 50+ kids come knocking on your door? We plan to make some connections and get to know our neighbors better tonight! Amazing opportunity! We are going to be giving every kid 2 nice pieces of candy taped to an invitation to CCF (our church)!!
Bottom line for me: To skip Halloween in the name of being a Christian is to skip one of the greatest opportunities to begin making a difference in your neighborhood for Christ! I'm not spiritual enough yet to miss that opportunity.


Angela Watson said...

Noah, I've just posted something on MY blog saying the same thing! We need to be in prayer, sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading, and ready to be a light in the darkness at Halloween. :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you for this post, I was just debating about the idea and traditions of this holiday with someone who is strongly against it and I was trying to tell her basically what you said here, but of course I wasn't as fluent in how I came off.