Monday, October 19, 2009

Where should I start reading the Bible?

It is amazing how many people have been asking me this recently. Where do I begin reading the Bible? What books should I begin with? Heck, 15 minutes ago, I had this exact conversation with 2 of the ladies that clean our facility. This question shows me that there is progress being made. YES!!!!

Here is my advice for what it's worth. If you are NOT currently reading the Bible on a regular basis (I define that by 5 or more days a week), then I would do this:
  1. Get up 3o minutes earlier than you normally do and go to a quiet comfortable chair in your house.
  2. Open up a version of the Bible that you can understand. (The Message or the New Living Translation are my favorite.)
  3. Read Psalms. Helps you deal with and relate to LIFE and GOD!
  4. Read Proverbs. Helps you relate to LIFE and PEOPLE!
  5. Read Mark. Helps you see what Jesus was up to and committed to in his time on earth!
  6. Underline things that speak to you and write questions in the margins or a journal.
  7. Repeat.
  8. Repeat again.
  9. Repeat again.
Come back and ask me for a next step in a year or two! Seriously. The journey of discipleship and learning scripture cannot be measured in months. It takes years. There are no shortcuts to growing in your faith! Welcome aboard.

From Pastor Noah, A sinner in need of a savior and a man who is a mess without the alignment of the Word every day!


Generous Apologist said...

Oddly enough, I have been pondering this very question from a slightly different perspective. Where should a new believer, on fire with new passion, start reading the Bible? (I suspect that Numbers might dampen some of that passion.)

I've seen too many young believers get drawn into John's Revelation without first getting a handle on the basics. We need a reading plan for the totally unchurched.

Noah said...

There has GOT to be one. Let me know when you find it. You know this is your gift, man!

Anonymous said...

Just a question? Wouldn't where you start also depend on what God is doing in your life, what you are going through, and where you are? I met Christ for the first time after reading Romans 7:7-25 and have felt a connection with Christ and His realnesss ever since. Just seems we are always looking for formulas to make the journey easier.

Noah said...

Asheme, YES! Good thoughts. Except, plenty of people do not experience this the way you did. They have no idea how to identify "what God is doing in their life." So, those people need leadership toward a starting place. I think that mature believers can approach it the way you explained a lot easier than people whop have been unchurched. And more and more of them are coming to our church. They need direction...which is in a sense where God is leading them. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I understand what you are saying..I wasn't assuming that a person new to "this" would get what God was doing but that the guidance and leadership (if not from the Holy Spirit as in my case--because I definately was not a mature believer) would come in the form of the leadership that they felt led to inquire to learning more about them, their life, their situation, etc.. and help them find the most accurate starting point. But because all scripture is good for teaching and correction then its completely understandable and makes sense why starting with Psalms and the others as you describe would be an excellent starting point to get people who are not used to reading the Bible, in the Bible. Thank you for your incite. Def. something for me to be mindful of.