Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Fall Weekend in Lancaster County

Church retreats have been something that CCF has done and valued through the years. Anticipating that we would have one this year, we reserved our place at Black Rock Retreat for this October 23-25. However, it has become increasingly apparent that many cannot afford it. As a result, we decided to make it an unofficial getaway weekend as opposed to an official retreat.

The weekend is available to any persons, couples or families that wish to go and have the time and resources available to go. There ARE rooms available and Lancaster County is a beautiful place to spend a fall weekend.

The dates are Friday, October 23rd-Sunday, October 25th.

If you and your family wish to go spend that weekend at the retreat center in Quarryville, PA and the surrounding area, please submit your full payment (which reserves your room) to CCF by Sunday, October 18th. You may place it in the offering or offering box in the lobby. Please attach a note with the names and ages of those you are paying for.

The cost is: $150 per adults (13-up), $75 for children 5-12, and $0 for ages 0-4 (which includes 2 nights, 5 meals and the use of the entire facility). Make the check payable to Capital Christian Fellowship.

Tricia, Davis and I and several other families still plan to go and I think that we will all really enjoy the relationship building that will happen.

Wanna Join Us?

(You can find out more about Black Rock Retreat Center at )

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