Monday, September 28, 2009

What If? (Churches Combining)

What if small, struggling or stagnant churches in the same areas began selling and combining into one church with a new vision?

What if...
  • The Pastors and leaders united their hearts to reach the lost.
  • Swallowed their pride.
  • Sold the least useful facilities.
  • Kept the one facility that is best suited for growth.
  • Combined all resources (which would in most cases leave a heft sum of money).
  • Developed a fresh team vision to take their city.
  • Learned to sacrifice their minor doctrinal differences to work together.
  • And took their city for God.
Imagine 4 churches of 50-100 people collapsing into one church of 200-400? They were all struggling to keep their doors open and lights on. Now, they have more resources than ever before and a fresh start...

What if? You have any thoughts?


Mark said...

I agree wholeheartedly. And the only thing I disagree with is that you're 2nd bullet point would have to be priority #1.
PRIDE is the #1 thing that's keeping spiritual leaders from doing more together. So many have put their sweat and tears into the ministry, that they feel like its "their" ministry, when its not. They're just the undershepherd! And its esp. bad when they have loyal fanbase; where they praise the leader slightly more than God Himself.

I'm all for it...I just wish others would see the wisdom and humility in this as well. Because then (back to the pride thing) they would be fighting each other over who's going to preach or lead, when I always thought that leadership (and even preaching) should be shared!! Ephesians 4:11 !!!

Josh Schaidt said...

I wrote about this back in college! But the problemthat arises is the problem caused denominations in the first place. Every one is called by God thinks they have the only vision or theology that works. It goes much deeper than pride. It is learned philosophy of ministry that becomes ingrained throughout the years .

Josh Schaidt said...

Oh and by the way, I am all for it!

Noah said...

Mark and Josh- BRING IT!!!!!!