Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Download

Just feel like downloading some thoughts, ideas, joys and updates today! Randomness with no connection, really. Here goes:
  1. I was so excited to preach this morning that I could barely sleep last night! Started our series called "Whispers". (May post some of my notes later.)
  2. I thought that they service this morning was amazing! From worship to the engaging that people were doing with the Word! Yes! Awesome!!
  3. I am frustrated and disappointed by our numbers. PLEASE come to church and invite others. God is fixing to do some special things in this church and you/they need to be here for it. Where is everybody?!?!
  4. I am super excited to resume next week with "Whispers"! (image below)
  5. We said goodbye to Tricia's Odyssey on Friday. We sold it to Carmax (who really pays well for used cars, by the way). We just do not need it and need to simplify our financial house where we can. (see below as a sad Tricia says goodbye to her van)
  6. Then, we said hello to a new Scooter. 75-100Mpg and a whole lot of fun for a slim cost (pic below)! I will drive the scooter (local and good weather) and an old truck I recently acquired from my Dad (an Explorer...pic below). It's a family heirloom. I took it to prom when it was new!
  7. Gave Tricia my Avalon. Sniff sniff. Wipe Tear. But the scooter IS fun, I must say! And I think that Tricia may let me drive the Avalon from time to time. And yes, she will drive the scooter too!
  8. Looking forward to a little Labor Day action tomorrow. Gonna fire that grill up like I like.
  9. Really getting excited about Married Life Live at CCF on Saturday, 9/19 at 8pm! Just had another planning meeting today after church. We may be rocking some Sinatra. Good times. (Image Below)
  10. Friend Sunday is in 2 weeks. We're calling it Flapjack Friend Day. Read more about it my post from earlier this week. (flier below)
  11. On Friend Day, I will begin a series called "Pursuit"! Looking forward to that series, too. (Series Image below)
  12. God is calling the Staff of CCF to new places spiritually. We feel the call to seek Him like never before. It blesses my heart to think of what God is about to do through this!

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