Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Off to PA...Lanham Christian School Retreat

In a few hours, Tricia, Davis and I are leaving for PA. I was invited to be the speaker at the High School Retreat for Lanham Christian School. Honestly, I would probably decline this offer if it was just some random school. I just don't have the flexibility to leave my post for 3 days with ease. It comes with some cost.

But...this is not just some random school. Not sure how to explain it, but I have a special place in my heart for Lanham Christian. Maybe because:
  • I am a graduate of it. So is my brother. And my sister. And many of my friends. Many memories!
  • I speak there often and love the kids.
  • I have a friendship with many of the staff.
  • I am good buddies with the Senior Pastor of Grace Brethren Church, Paul Mutchler.
  • CCF is just a few miles away. Not every day that you get to Pastor in the town you graduated from. So many connections here in the area.
  • I see great potential in the positioning and future of LCS. God has a plan for this school that is bright!
I just have an affinity of the heart with LCS. So, off we go. We're about to spend the next 3 days with High School students in the boonies in PA! Looking forward to it. Going to speak 4 different sessions and am pretty excited. Hope I can keep their attention as this is not my normal audience. I think Davis will be spoiled by the students. I am really, really glad that my wife no longer works full time and her boss is letting her come with me this week!

Will blog and twitter there (if I have service). Surprised?

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Mommyof3gifts said...

YAY for LCS! YAY for Camp Joy-el! Hope your having a great time (: