Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Blog

2 years ago today, I posted my first blog. So, that makes today the 2nd birthday of my blog. Or the 2nd anniversary of the day I started blogging. 1,060 posts later, and I'm still at it. I guess it's not a fad for me. On the contrary, this blog has pushed me to think, taught me to write better, prompted me to capture the journey, assisted me in communicating and opened all kinds of doors to deeper ministry.

I'm not ashamed to ask this question, because I believe in it's results:

How do you think I can get more people to read it? Primarily at CCF, but even in general? Any ideas? That's the only thing that my blog wants for his birthday.

I see this blog as a tool for digital discipleship, increased unity, and forming community. I keep asking the Lord to check my motives so that there is no pride or selfish gain. My heart is for you, and for all of us who want to keep growing in faith and connecting to our church.

Thanks for visiting. I welcome your feedback.


Kristin Bucher said...

Maybe a sermon on introducing RSS feeds is the way to get people reading. :) Honestly, it's the only way I'd keep reading. No way I can go to everyone's individual blog that I read. I do enjoy your posts and thoughts. Thought provoking. And I wish that we could join your pancake lunch tomorrow. I'd even bring a friend!!

Noah said...

Awesome advice. Coming soon. Glad you are connected.

Barbara Chandler said...

I know for me personally, I am really super busy all the time and I tend to see the long post (sometimes even the short ones) and say I will read it later at a less busy time. However, before I know it I get about 3 or 4 blogs behind. But I tend to go back faster to the blogs that have a catchy title. Sometimes even the short videos or a picture catches me. Especially if Davis is on there. I can't beleive how big he is!