Monday, September 14, 2009

Daddy, let's read the Bible together!

Davis is 2.75! He will be 3 in January. Ever since this summer, he has had a big interest in the Bible. It does not matter what book I am reading, he thinks it is a Bible. Well, recently he has been getting up as soon as I get back from the gym (he hears me come back home and the stupid dogs bark). This means...I am doing my devotions the first hour he is up. He is taking more and more interest in it.

Well, he blessed my heart this morning in a BIG WAY when he said, "Daddy, let's read the Bible together!" He got his "Little Warrior Bible" and I got mine and we read the Bible together. He stayed on my lap for 15-20 minutes and we alternated reading his, then mine, then his, then mine (as he dictated, of course)!

I am learning so much about influence and legacy as I raise this little guy.

They like what we like.

They act how we act.

They say what we say.

We read, they read.

We talk about Jesus, they talk about Jesus.

I am proud of my son! I pray with him and for him every single day.

I hope that this morning was just the first of many more times that I hear him say:

"Daddy, let's read the Bible together!"

(Tricia wanted a picture of this. Here it is.)


Barbara Chandler said...

That is so precious and special. I am sure those will be memories that will last a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

So cool, man! May Davis choose Jesus at a young age, and serve him the rest of his life. That's my prayer for you today.

Mommyof3gifts said...

Barbara took the words out of my mouth! This is soo sweet. I'm tearing up here... Thankful you got to have these precious moments. Look Out world... That little boy's gonna touch many lives!

Mommyof3gifts said...

BTW... LOVE the pictures! Good for Tricia for capturing this memory with adorable pictures! (: