Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Go Austin!

THIS was a privilege!!

Austin Kauffman (Son of Glenn and June) grew up in Hong Kong, China on the mission field. He moved back to the USA last year at 11 years old. He is 12 now. He has a genuine love for the Lord and is just a great young man with a sweet spirit.

A few months ago, Austin and his parents realized that the following things were about to align:
  • They would be in Hong Kong to visit (one year after leaving).
  • Austin felt ready to be baptized and had not yet been.
  • His Pastor from America (me) was going to be in Hong Kong at the same time.
So, they thought...Pastor Noah and Dad should baptize Austin....in Hong Kong...in the South China Sea....with their old church...SO WE DID!! And it was AWESOME! What a special moment. And I felt absolutely honored to share the moment with Austin!!

Certainly was my first time baptizing someone on another continent and also my first time baptizing someone in an ocean!

Go Austin!


Tricia Kaye said...

Awesome!!! My dad use to baptize people in our pool

Anonymous said...

What a privilege for Austin to be baptized in his "native" land.
Welcome to the community of faith, Austin.
Lew & Helen