Saturday, July 18, 2009

Your "Freedom Card"

So often we hear questions like this:
-Why do bad things happen?
-Why does God allow pain to come on people?
-Why do bad things happen to good people?
-Why does evil in the world seem to prevail so often?

Here is one possible answer that I don't think I have considered enough:


He HAD to create us with freedom because he wanted nothing more than a relationship with us. No genuine and transformational love relationship can exist by force. Both parties must enter in by choice. I WANT this relationship and this person. So, because of His desire for a relationship with you, he had to create you with freedom to choose Him.

Problem: because we have that freedom, mankind can also NOT choose God. They can choose created stuff, money, evil, sin and this world (over God). a result of not choosing God, mankind faces pain and consequence from generation to generation. Period. That is scripture. Sin has consequence.

So, the next time that you or someone you know is upset with God about some bad thing that happened, remember this:

For the evil to stop, the sin would need to stop. In order for the sin to stop, we would all need to line up and turn in our FREEDOM CARD. I bet there would be just a few reasons why you would not want that.

Think about it.

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