Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Short Term Spritual Memory

I have loved going through Exodus again this week! In Exodus 14, we find the POWERFUL story of Moses leading the Israelites across the Red Sea in a miraculous move of God. The seabed is dried out by the wind, everyone gets across and then their enemies are swallowed up and washed away! God did that for them.

Then, in Exodus 15, we find a song of deliverance! Thanks, God! You did it! The horse and the rider fell into the sea, you are a great God and we are going to sing about it for an entire chapter!

[Enter doubt, sin, complaining, petty thinking and the lies of the enemy.]

The song of deliverance and praise ends at 15:21.

15:22- the Israelites travel and get thirsty.

15:23- they found water but it tasted bitter.

15:24- they start doubting God, questioning Moses and complaining!

Are you serious?!?! Really?!?!

God delivers you from slavery, stops the water for you to cross it, defeats your enemies, rescues you and loves you...and you forget in 2.5 verses?!?! THAT is some short term spiritual memory!

God, please help us to remember what you have done for us. May we give you praise, credit and the benefit of the doubt that you are always good and always faithful. When you show up and meet us on Wednesday, help us not to doubt you on Thursday.

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