Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So far...

Been on Sabbatical one month now. First week was "detox", second week was "detox and vacation", then, we got out here to Colorado and it really started!

The theme for this sabbatical has really been spiritual and physical renewal driven more by the leadership of the Holy Spirit than my own laid out plans. There are certain things that you just cannot plan for. That is just the nature of life in the spirit.

Well, we have been in Colorado 12 days and so far......
  • I am spending the first 4-6 hours of every day with God! Praying, walking, staring at mountains, reading the Bible, studying it, writing, and devouring and engaging the scriptures in ways I never have in my life. (Basically, 5am-10am, it's me and God!)
  • Found a sweet coffee house with huge glass windows facing the mountains. Their seating is stupid-comfortable and their coffee is great. Needless to say, this has been a positive contribution to my experience! ;-) Some days, a few hours of my morning routine are spent here.
  • It is becoming clear to me that much of what God is showing me so far in this sabbatical is to be preached, not blogged. Already have 4-5 sermon series and 20+ sermons in the pot cooking! Loving this time to pour into messages that are flowing out of time with God. There is no way to measure the eternal value of these moments!
  • I am totally and absolutely loving the time that I am getting with Tricia and Davis. Just about every day when Daddy is back home, we go do something special together. We are making memories and really bonding as a family. I have seen a difference in both of them for the better and I attribute it to our together-time. This whole experience is a blessing that we do not take for granted!
  • We LOVE Colorado!! Perfect weather, no humidity, outstanding scenery, friendly people, loads to do and see, and due to the elevation, it feels like the clouds are within your reach! We highly recommend this as a vacation spot!
  • It is pretty tough to breathe if you do any intense exercise in these elevations when you are not used to it...but, who cares!! Quit your crying and do it anyway!! And we are. We are kicking our butts working out and hiking. May my stomach shrink and my heart grow! ;-)
Oh and so far....

We miss you!!! As much as we are loving this experience, we are people people and we miss you!!

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