Monday, May 25, 2009

Some (not-so-deep) thoughts

It's Memorial Day Monday, I'm up early and thought I'd share a few random thoughts on my blog. Not in a deep-thought mood, but felt like catching up with my blog readers...
  • Felt like yesterday's message made impact. There's no way to recreate it here, but suffice it to say that it provoked some people to make a move of obedience in their life that they have been putting off. I've already heard of many people's move (a break up, a make up and a straighten up)! Looking forward to hearing more.
  • Saw some people at church yesterday that were back visiting...great to see some friends from afar. Not sure where everyone else was. We had the lowest attendance that we've had in a while. If you miss seeing people, call them! (Yes, I know it in Memorial Day Weekend.)
  • Wait til you see the FUN colors that we painted the nurseries yesterday!
  • It was amazing how many conversations I had or heard yesterday at church that involved a reference to something someone learned on Facebook. The more people in the church that are connecting on there, the more connected people feel to each others week! I think that it is totally cool!
  • I cannot believe that this is my last week in the office before our Sabbatical. I will be blogging about my Sabbatical this week.
  • It's Memorial Day and I have a 9am meeting. You gotta do what you gotta do. Sometimes, Pastors need to work when others don't. Personally, I prefer a holiday meeting over a weekend meeting.
On this Memorial Day, let the sacrifice of many for one nation, remind you of the sacrifice of one for the world!

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