Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CCF Advertising

This general CCF advertising piece just came off the press! It meets a lot of needs and requests that have come our direction.
  1. It serves as a generic invitation to CCF!
  2. It invites people to the Large Group/Worship, Small Groups and EntryPoint!
  3. It clearly states all of our contact info.
  4. It tells people about and invites them to EntryPoint...the best next step!
  5. It will be given to every first time guest in their welcome package.
  6. They will be available every Sunday at the Welcome Center.
  7. Put some in your car.
  8. Take some to work.
  9. Give them to your neighbors.
  10. I love that they are NOT for a specific event or driven by a date.
  11. They look professional and represent us well!
  12. The format matches our website homepage!

1 comment:

hartslove said...

Wow! Whoever the designed these did it well. These are attractive and good for multipurpose, as you said.