Monday, April 27, 2009

Social Networking

I am seeing a lot of stuff happen on the social network horizon. For those at CCF, you have heard me preach this before, but I believe that people are created for relate to other people! It is just how we are all wired as people created in the image of a relational God. Many people (young and old, America and around the world) are doing community differently than they used to. Many are doing community online through social networking channels. We can dislike it and refuse to acknowledge it or we can wake up and leverage it.

I continually advocate that we leverage technology for redeeming purposes. I am sick and tired of handing things over to the enemy for his use. We need to hold on to all that we can for the glory of God. We are all in trouble if we just start handing everything that the enemy wants over to him. The heck with that.

Let me just say this straight up! I feel that online social community and networking is allowing relationships and connections to form that are meaningful and pleasing the Lord! I am loving connecting with people on Facebook, Twitter, this blog, etc. I am seeing the online tools being used to grow relationships, evangelize and encourage each other throughout the week.

More on this later....

(By the way...are you on Facebook? Invite me to be your friend, if we aren't already friends!!)

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