Monday, March 16, 2009

Yesterday, International Sunday, Beautiful!

Yesterday was so special!! Here are a few reasons why, followed by some pictures. The pictures will say more than I will.
  • Over 425 people gathered from 31 countries (that we know of..I will post that list later).
  • There were 150 kids, youth and (kids/youth) volunteers throughout the building. CCF is doing the darn thing with the next generation!!
  • We had to shuttle many people from the Giant next door to the church. (Thanks, guys!)
  • We worshiped! In English. In Russian. In Spanish. Quietly. Jubilantly. Authentically. In spirit and in truth.
  • We went to a new Connection Card system. That was a win.
  • Bishop Glenn brought a powerfully anointed and wonderfully applicable word to us. (I will post some of those notes later.)
  • People ate. And ate. There was so much food! And we are learning as a church that meals are about a lot more than food! They are sacred and they are about community and the presence of God.
  • The volunteers that organized and led this (Staff barely touched it!) did an amazing job and need a blog-applause. They were unreal. The kitchen team, the line team, the set up team, the tear down team, the whatever team that I don't know about that made this day what it was. When I left here yesterday, I looked around and thought, "how will this get cleaned up?" When I walked in here early this morning I looked around and thought "how dd this get cleaned up?" Amazing people. Servants. That's how.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is beutiful. I really miss international days! Wish I could have been there.

Noah said...

And we miss you too!