Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To blog or not to blog or re-blog

Some people have asked me how I always have something to write on my blog or how I decide what to post. This is how I break it down....this is what works for me.

To Blog...
  • I like to capture memories, experiences and lessons as they unfold. Maybe about church, ministry, family, personal...whatever. It happens and I blog it.
  • The other thing that I do is a keep a running list in my PDA called "future posts". This is the place that I jot down ideas to develop further and blog about later. The idea could come at anytime, so I just write a few words to trigger my memory. I currently have about 30 posts on the blog runway that I look forward to writing about. I have thought about listing some of the topics and having you tell me where to go next. We'll see.
Not to Blog...
  • Confidential items that aint the whole world's business.
  • Material I plan to teach or preach soon. (I blog that stuff after I speak, not before)
  • Stuff that I need to process, pray through or seek counsel on. I try to be cautious not to share half baked stuff that I have not done my due diligence with God on first.
To Re-blog...
  • I have not done this much yet, but I am about to start re-posting things I have blogged over the last year and a half.
  • Learning is repetition, learning is repetition, learning is repetition. If it is good, I want to re-read it, re-think it and re-learn it!
  • Plus...my blog readership has more than doubled in the last 4 months, so more than half of you have not seen it yet anyway and the other half of you probably forgot it. ;-)
  • (Be watching for some re-blogs over the next few weeks.)

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