Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"There's a Season for That!"

This Sundays message is going to be out of Ecclesiastes 3 and other texts. The title of my message will be...

"There's a Season for That!"

Gonna be talking about seasonal thinking. Last Friday was the first day of spring. Made me think of the meaning and value of seasons. What is a season? What does God intend for a season to do in you? What happens when we miss one? Rush one? The main premise will be this: Everything that happens is getting you ready for what's next.

Come this Sunday expecting to hear from God together as we open Scripture.

--Pastor Noah
Oh, Would you mind leaving a comment?

This blog is not a monologue. I want it to be more of a conversation. I invite you to leave a comment answering this question:

What is the most insightful thing that you have learned about life's seasons? (You may just hear your comment in the sermon on Sunday.)


Tricia Kaye said...

I wish I was able to be in the service to hear it, but I will listen to it online.

Noah said...

Cool. Yeah, Nelson's message from Sunday is up today and I need to hear it since I was out of town. Thanks for the reminder, Babe.

hartslove said...

A most valuable lesson I learned is that God is faithful and constant in all seasons. When the hardest storms of life came, relentlessly, God's grace and care was apparent.

That's why I'm always so moved when we sing "Still." When the oceans rise and thunders roar..

I also saw that God saw the storm before it arrived and prepared me (I had a serious spiritual growth spurt) in the 6 mos. before my world got all shook up.

Now I'm in a much calmer season, and I see God using me to encourage others.


Noah said...

Alexine, fantastic thoughts! Thanks for sharing this. Thrilled with the growth in your life. You are a blessing to CCF!