Monday, March 2, 2009

A snow day...the good and the bad.

Weather is really nasty today. I decide to close the church office and work from home today. Everybody else can work from home as they can, be with their families....and stay safe!

The good things about working from home on a snow day:
  • Change of pace can be exciting...I feel like a kid again on days like this
  • More presence time with my sweeties
  • Can get caught up on emails and such
  • Will knock a LOT of admin/tasks off my lost today as I work from here
  • I will feel like a got a big administrative jump on my week
The bad things about working from home on a snow day:
  • Had to cancel Staff Prayer and Staff Meeting
  • Had to cancel 4 other important meeting that were scheduled for today
  • Now, I have to find a way to reschedule them all (with the rest of the week already jam packed)
  • Our team loses a day of productivity
I must say, I am thankful for the flexibility in my role as a Pastor. Much of what I do can be done from practically anywhere.

I hope that you locals have a great snowy day!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are home with Davis and I today. We get to work from home, spend time together, and act like kids on a snow day!

Love you,