Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On my mind today

Not really in the mood to write or do anything too inspiring today. Needed some mush time, if you know what I mean. Here are a few things on my heart and mind though, for those that care:
  • I am really excited about International Sunday this weekend!! Please come!
  • We are going to a new connection card system/way of welcoming folks this Sunday. I will share more about it soon. Going to be a great move for us!
  • Tricia kept it very real in her blog post today. Click here to read it. I love her increasing authenticity about he life as a woman and wife. Proud of my bride.
  • I am one lost puppy without my calendar in my phone. Reached for it 50 times today and said..."awe man!"
  • I am torn between two message choices for Easter. Asking the Lord to solidify his choice.
  • Not thrilled to be leaving again in a week. I will be heading back down to South America next Wednesday to see meet with our Guyanese Leaders. Gotta get through this International Sunday, wrap up and I am gone in a flash.
  • Even though I am not in a writing mood, I DO have some cool things on the runway that I look forward to sharing with you soon.
Great grace to you today!!


Mommyof3gifts said...

I'm proud of that wifey you've got too! I have been blessed, challenged, and even entertained! She's got quite a gift for this blogging... what took her so long to let us in to that secret??

Noah said...

No kidding!