Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let God Be God! (Lisa Savoy has something to tell you!)

Hey, friends. This morning I had the privilege of doing a hospital visit with one of my favorite sidekicks...Momma! We went down to visit Lisa Savoy at Hadley Memorial Hospital in SW. As with almost every mission trip or hospital impacted us more than her.

I want to take a moment to share with you an update about Lisa. She is excited to have a voice through this blog. Lisa cannot talk anymore. She can no longer breathe on her own either. She is on a breathing machine. She gave her doctor permission to share with us what is happening. She has Sjogrens syndrome, Polymyositis, COPD/Emphysema and now has been diagnosed with Pneumonia. Today, we learned that she will need to remain on a breathing machine for the rest of her life. Although she could not talk, we seemed to read her lips well and she pointed to letters when she needed to.

I asked Lisa what are the 3 most important ways that CCF can be praying with her? She answered:
  1. That God's will would be done in my life and future. If it is his will that I go home (Silver Spring), let it be done. If it is His will that I go home (Heaven), let it be done.
  2. That Aetna Insurance would open up their heart and help me!!
  3. That my life will still count for something. That I will still be of value and make a difference!
After hearing that and crying together, I assured her that she still had a voice and she was still making a difference! At least to our church and the hundreds that read my blog.

I then asked Lisa what the ONE THING is that she would want to tell people. Without hesitation, she said:

Let God be God!

There is so much to extract from those 4 simple words. She made it a point to say, "even when you cannot talk or breathe on your own, let God be God!" "Do not rely on yourself...rely on God. Put him first and let him be who is wants to be in your life."

Amazing! Finally, she she said that too many visits exhaust her. She just wanted me to bring her words and heart back to you. She also enthusiastically agreed to a short video shoot. Here is Lisa Savoy. Same sweet spirit. Same precious heart. Same love for her church. (Oh, she made sure to tell me that this was HER church!) Check her out....blowing you kisses:


Nelson Okanya said...

Lisa always surprises me with her encouragements. I have to say that seeing her loose her countenance and good contagious smile is very difficult. I am glad that she is experiencing some resolutions at this point which is different from the last time we saw her. This a great testimony to what is means to stay "connected through health challenges" our next Sunday's message

Noah said...

I am glad that you will be able to tie this into your sermon. Bless you, my man!