Friday, March 13, 2009

2 More Preaching Thoughts

To build off of my post from Tuesday...

These 2 ideas are rather disconnected, but they are 2 things that the Lord has been showing me about preaching.
  1. I recently heard a story of a young Pastor who asked a much older Pastor..."How do you decide what to preach on?" To which the old preacher replied "Oh, I preach on whatever I find laying along the road." It took that young man a few years to realize what he meant. The best sermons flow out of your own life and things that God is putting you through, teaching you, and doing in you. Just think of the story of the Good will help you to see what it means to preach about whatever you find laying along the road.
  2. God has been showing recently that if I fail to preach on the topics or passages that make me uncomfortable OR that I do not have ironed out in my own personal life, that I will be responsible for creating bottle sucking Christians. If my church is going to learn to eat meat, I am going to have to start feeding it to them. Lord, I do not want to pick and choose. I want to teach the whole counsel of God. Help me to discern and speak your truth in your time.
I have so much to learn still about so much. God, help.


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