Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Steps toward the Call

Today is a special day for me. Actually have some butterflies in my stomach. I am leaving in a few minutes for Lancaster, PA (our headquarters if you will) to sit before a committee that will interview me this morning for ordination.

There have been many steps along the road to fulfilling my call. These steps have been moving me in the direction of responding to the call of God on my life to serve Him in full time Christian Service...a call that I have had since a boy. Today is a special day because it is another one of those steps (a final step of sorts...a step saying "I am in this for life.").

I enter this process humbly and by invitation of my Bishop. I am humbled and thankful for it. But, at the end of the day, I know that it is just man's way of symbolically sealing what God is already doing. And I am thankful that it is the sovereign Lord who calls!

I appreciate your prayers today (in case they really grill me).


(Yes, the church will know all about this at the right time.)


Mommyof3gifts said...

How exciting Noah! I hope they day goes well... travel safe!

KevinS said...

You weren't already ordained?? Thanks news to me. I've never heard out it works in Mennonite churches.

KevinS said...
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