Saturday, February 7, 2009

I pray for you!

Hundreds and hundreds of people read this blog. Most of which I have no idea who you are. But felt inclined to tell you that I pray for you. I do. I often pray for those that read this blog. Here's why...
  • I consider this blog a place for digital discipleship to take place. I know some people who read this blog who do not even go to church. Others that are not plugged in too much to God or Church and there may be things that you read or see that plant a spiritual seed in you. I pray for you that the seed grows.
  • I know that many CCF members and friends read this blog. I pray for you that this will be a place that you feel God calling you to deeper love for and involvement in your church!
  • I never know where you are when you visit, who you are, why you care to log on, but I know that you are a child of God created for divine purpose. I consider YOU an extension of who I am Pastoring. Seriously, when I think of my influence as a leader, I think about several audiences. This is certainly one of them. And a growing one.
So, I pray for YOU!!



Anonymous said...

thank you! that means alot :) BTW I love the picture of you and Tricia that is on your twitter! cute!

Anonymous said...

Know that we pray for you and your family too. much love ucj

Noah said...

Amen and Amen.

Anonymous said...

We appreciate your prayers. We have been too sick with a stomach flu to come last week or this week. We have been so hard hit by cold and stomach bugs this year that we feel like we have hardly been to church all winter. Thanks for your prayers and we miss you all! Praying that we are all well next week and beyond!