Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Drinking from a Fire Hydrant

Guys, I am doing some serious learning here!  I am drinking from a fire hydrant, though!  The class is about Missional ministry.  I do not know where to begin to tell you about it.  I will need to just let it set in and sift out.   Here are a few things I'd share:
  1. The list of books I want to read has grown like crazy this week.  My Professor who is also a Lead Pastor reads over 200 books a year!  So, every 3 minutes he is recommending another book that is a must read.  And I want to read them!  (Just let me know if you want to buy your Pastor a book or 2!!)
  2. I really like the prof in this class, David Crosby.  He is in his 30's and a really authentic, educated and gifted leader and he is IN the ministry (it's a noticeable difference to be taught by a practitioner than a professor).  He planted a church in the Poconos 6 years ago.  They are running 1,200 today.  Here is his here.  And here is the church here.
  3. I was also VERY impressed with Herbert Cooper (click here for his blog) today.  We had a skype video interview with him and it rocked.  He is the Lead Pastor of the People's Church (click here for the church website) in Oklahoma.  Black Pastor, white wife, 4 kids, diverse church of over 2,000.  Cool place with similar vision to CCF.   Their vision is "Connecting people to God and to others."
  4. I've seen our good!  CCF is an incredible place!!  There have been many moments this week where I have seen how God has done amazing things at CCF!  I am not sure we even see the greatness of God in the light others would looking in from the outside.  Fish cannot tell you about water.
  5. I've seen our need for growth.  Man, do we ever still have some road to cover.  But, God will be with the very end of the age. (Matt. 28:20)


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