Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Small Group Swell

You ever have something sneak up on you and pleasantly surprise you? Well, that happened to us today as we were wrapping up the Capital for print. We launched Small Groups under Pastor Nelson's leadership exactly 2 years ago next week! As I write, we currently have 23 Small Groups at CCF! The full list with all the details will be featured in the February Capital debuting this Sunday.

We are THRILLED with the fact that we have 23 groups. They include:

4 Sunday Morning Groups
2 Sunday Evening Groups
2 Kids Small Groups
8 Youth Small Groups
6 Evening Weeknight Groups
1 Support Group

We also have about 35 Small Group Leaders. This ministry is taking off! Before you know it, we will move from a church WITH Small Groups to a church OF Small Groups!

The vision is becoming reality!

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