Friday, January 23, 2009

One of those random posts

Here is one of those random posts where I just feel like capturing a few totally unrelated thoughts and ideas in one place. My mind is a tad scattered tonight and this helps bring things together for me. Weird, I know. But, here goes.
  • After a full day at it, I feel like I am about a third of the way to where I need to be with Connection Power.
  • We had a super time at the Baltimore Aquarium with the Okanya's tonight. It is only $8 to get in on Fridays after 5pm. Good times. Davis and Barak will grow up good buddies.
  • Tomorrow morning I will be attending the funeral of one of the leaders in our district from the Wilkens Avenue Church, Harold Burkholder. Pray that the Lord gives this family peace.
  • Still thankful for the informative and helpful Dr. appointment that Tricia and I had yesterday. We feel some better. Helped to hear that 1) we could have done NOTHING to prevent the miscarriage, 2) a miscarriage is the body's way of rejecting what would have been a bad pregnancy and a child that would be incompatible with life, and 3) this was a sign that we CAN get pregnant. We have hope.
  • Excited about our second week of EntryPoint this Sunday at 9am.
  • Also looking forward to Sunday's message..."Why do I feel far from God? And what can I do about it?"
Nite-Nite, Friends!!


Anonymous said...

Prayers and Love are with you and Tricia

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