Tuesday, January 13, 2009

List Person...Did I finish?

I keep wondering if there was something else that I intended to share with you about my list/organization system. For those that have been reading those posts, do you have any further questions? Anything more that you were hoping I would share? Click on the "responses" button below and I would be happy to hear from you. If not, I will leave well enough alone. :-)

From the guy who has to make sure things are completed,



Ben Rainey said...

If I understand correctly, you are the talker in your talking calendar. It seems you have a tremendous habit of always looking ahead in your calendar to make sure you're prepared for future events. There is no tool that you use to intervene, just your own habit of looking ahead, right?

Noah said...

Yes, I am the one that must put the effort forth to see to it that the "communication" between the calendar and task list is healthy. Just like in any thriving relationship, there is effort. :-)

Except one tool....Alarms connected to events on my calendar that beep annoyingly until I do it or shut it off. Sometimes the alarm says "Call Bob!" or "Take the chicken out of the oven!"