Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Heading out this morning to speak in 2 Christian School Chapels.  I love the chance to speak in schools and really appreciate when I get to share with Kids and Teens!  Keeps that part of me tuned up.  My primary audience is adults, but I like the chance to break it down with the kids every so often.  This morning, I am going to attempt to bring to life an OT Prophet by the name of Habby...otherwise known as Habakkuk.  Kinda living in that book now, so I feel pretty confident that I can lay the notes aside and just tell this guy's story.  Plan to bring it to life and animate it.  Here we go!

After that, I will spend my afternoon in back to back meetings until heading home for family night.  And that's a day!

Do you have a busy day?  I hope you enjoy it!



Ben Rainey said...

I thought maybe you were taking up a new "Habby", like photography or motorcycling. :)


Noah said...

LOL. No, not so much. But, if I take up motorcycling, I will be sure to call my friend, Ben.