Monday, December 8, 2008

Email Stats and Facts

I monitor my email stats and facts. First of all it's easy because it is all stored in nice little organized Outlook folders. But there are other reasons too. Helps me keep a gauge on productivity and communication. Well, here are a few of my stats:
  • I receive an average of 110 emails a day.
  • I send an average of 85 emails a day.
  • I am a "Clean Inbox Guy". I file or delete every email possible. The only things that stay in my inbox are emails that represent something I still need to do. When it is done, it is out of the inbox!
  • I try to keep less than 30 emails in the inbox at all times.
  • I read and return emails from 2 places...a church PC or my personal laptop. None of this emails-to-the-phone stuff. Tricia would leave me. :-)
Anyway, not that you care...


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