Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3 BIG Announcements...CCF Team is Growing!

On Sunday we made 3 BIG announcements here at CCF. All 3 of these announcements embody God's call, the Spirit's leading, and a sense of the Lord's favor on this church. These announcements were made after leadership discerned and celebrated God raising up from among us people of the vision and of the house. In addition, we sensed the financial wisdom in this direction and believe that it will have broader impact than anything else we could have done with our bucks. I say that because we are hiring 3 part time staff members in place of the one full time youth position that we once had.

Look, there is a whole lot more that I could say about the value of hiring from within and putting people in leadership that have been faithful, know the culture and champion the vision! It is a win, win, win.

So, if you have not already heard, CCF is excited to welcome to the staff:
  1. Caleb Kaye as our Director of Worhsip (leading worship, production, media and many of the Sunday morning logistics)
  2. Thurman Custis (Pastor TC) is back on the team as Youth Pastor (leadership for 7th-12 grade)
  3. Tricia Kaye as our Director of Children's Ministry (leadership for birth-6th grade)
(Man, I wish I had their pictures to include here. They are all 3 pretty good looking. Especially number 3!!)

They will start January 5, 2009. Lots more info to come. Be wathing as we feature our new and improved CCF Staff in 2009!


Anonymous said...

Waooooh,awesome announcements, TC is back too, another waooooh!

Noah said...

Yes, Uche! It is exciting stuff. Someone said to me last night..."man, I am really loving our church now".

There is just one hole...Ike and Uche and kids.

We will be in Miami April 4-9. We want to get together. Email me in the next few months so we can coordinate.

Anonymous said...

Pastor, We are still a part of you all and the church. The spirit of God is the same everywhere and we are happy we can connect via this blog and the church website.

Yes, Melissa told me already that you will be here in April. We will all hook up when you guys come over.