Sunday, November 23, 2008


I grew up in a house where traditions were a big deal! Mom always created them and made a big deal of them. Kinda gets in your DNA. Well, my wife might have my Mom beat in the tradition department. She LOVES TRADITIONS. One of them in our home is that we decorate our house for Christmas the weekend before Thanksgiving. That way it is all purdy when we get home from our Thanksgiving travels. Well, tonight was the night! Here are a few pictures of our memory. The Christmas music is on, the Christmas cookies are in the oven and we even had a nice candlelight dinner. Nice to share it this year with the Hunt's. My sister and Brother in Law live with us and we are tag teaming our favorite decorations. We're getting really excited!!


KevinS said...

What did Davis think about all of this??

Noah said...

Kevin, Davis Loved it! We are still trying to teach him tonight not to touch the ornaments. So far, he is winning. They look like a buffet of toys and gadgets hanging at just his height. :-)