Monday, November 17, 2008

Series Starting this Weekend

I am getting excited about the message series that I will begin this Sunday called "Habakkuk; When God Seems Unfair". 3 chapters, 3 weeks. If you are a CCF member, I invite you to read Habakkuk this week. It will really prove helpful as we engage the scripture this weekend. Be in prayer about how the Lord will meet us over the next three weeks.


Anonymous said...

Listening to your sermon, I had a few thoughts.

1. Jesus was not asking a question on the cross. He was quoting Psalm 22:1. The crucifixion is depicted in that psalm. I might even suggest it is a good place to find comfort for the souls of the righteous in an evil world.
2. Habbakuk is a good book for dealing with trials, tribulations, and just every day troubles. I look forward to your other sermons from this book.
3. You underestimate God's calling and God's power to leave us with the statement that you have nothing more to say and have nothing to give us when surmising your sermon. We have Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Scripture, and much more to help us in our times of trouble.
4. The inference of your sermon is that the blessings for the Christian just get more and more awesome. I can certianly relate to this. Personally, I refer you to Matthew 8:14-17. These verses are taken from Isaiah 53:4. Christ's sufferings and love began before the cross and continue on our behalf. Enduring all without sin, was on our behalf (Hebrews 4:15). He loved us first.

We will be victorious (we have the victory already!).

Courage and Godspeed

Noah said...


I appreciate your thoughts. Glad to see you interacting with it. One of the things that I intended to do Sunday was to leave people in some wondering....which is where I see Habakkuk in chapter 1. Hope I accomplished that. I think there is a place for that. Nonetheless, your thoughts here were provoking and challenging. Thanks!