Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Quiet, Not-So Quiet Day"

Let me give you a quick rule of thumb...if it is quiet in the Twittosphere and Blogosphere, and I am NOT out of town, then it is NOT because I am having a quiet day. Let me sat that in another way... If I am not writing, I am probably slammed! Like today.

Been so busy with so much from haircut to broken dishwashers to budgets to boards to emails to calls to bishops to meetings to you-name-it! Amid it all, I am dealing today with 2 intensely difficult and sensitive situations for which I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom! At times, there will be those things I cannot share, but still require prayer from those who will. If you can push through your curiosity and pray for God's will to prevail in the situations that Pastor Noah is facing today, I would appreciate it lots! God will know what you mean!



Anonymous said...

Acting on your prayer request.

Noah said...

Thanks! God is still at work in both of the situations I referred to.