Monday, November 24, 2008

Congregational Strengths

I was asked by our District Bishop to email him about the strengths of Capital Christian Fellowship. What are the positive things that the Lord has put in us that can be used for Him? Actually, every church in our district is doing the same. I enjoyed the exercise and thought I would share my answers:

Diverse in age, culture, class and spiritual background, yet loaded with unity and celebrating our uniqueness! We even express incredible diversity in our services, music and ministries.

Flexible enough to embrace change, take risks and experiment! Sometimes the experiments work and become successes and even define our culture. Sometimes the experiments fail and we try new ones. That is the strength! We try! We will not stagnate at CCF!

Authentic…in relationships, faith and community. We are the real deal. You will not come to CCF and sense distance, cold or legalism. You will experience warmth, welcome and that we are real people with real issues who really love God!

Purpose Driven. Our ministry, budget, leadership and discipleship decisions are all driven and informed by our purpose…which is plastered everywhere and becoming cultural language. Loving God, Loving People and Living as Disciples. We live this out through people gathering in large groups and small groups for relationship and discipleship.

Fun and High energy! We do creative and fun stuff on a regular basis. It has become a part of our DNA. You never know what is next. It creates an atmosphere of expectation.

Are you a CCF'r? What do you think of these? Do you have others you would add?



KevinS said...

Good list. Do you think missions minded comes into your top list?

The Strengths List is great, but sometimes a Weaknesses List can be helpful in building a healthy church. Did you get asked for one? I'd be curious about your thoughts on that list too.

Noah said...

Kevin, great question! I actually just told a teammate yesterday that I wish they would have asked for our weaknesses. In some sense, it may have been easier. :-)

I shall post that list too some day soon. I think they awaken us more sometimes.

Thanks for being a faithful reader and interacting. Helps me feel connected to you. Don't you love technology.

KevinS said...

The amount of water a barrel can hold is determined by it's shortest plank, not it's longest. bo)

hartslove said...

I'm a newer member of CCF. I joined in late August. I appreciate the biblical teaching at CCF, and I'm happy to have fellowship with others who delight in and learn from scripture. In addition to the sermons, I find the women's ministry activities to be uplifting, and they give food-for-thought. I like the presence of senior members at church--they have a gentle, wise manner that sets a good example.
In small group, it is helpful that Pastor Nelson teaches us the historical context of the scriptures we read.

Noah said...

Alexine, great additions!!