Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today's Meeting

Great meeting today at the conference office in Lancaster. The meeting was a realization of a dream that I had for Lead Pastors of larger churches (250+) to get together and talk about issues common in growing, multiple staff churches. Very good day, but more important was the start to future connections and conversations.

Had a thought today as I listened to some of these Pastors talk. Here is the thought. No data to back this up...just an observation I am thinking about. I suggest that there are three types of Pastors (as it relates to church size):
  1. The Small Church Pastor (25-150)
  2. The Medium-Large church Pastor (150+)
  3. The kind of Pastor that can transition from one type to the other.
I think that each have unique giftings and are needed in the body of Christ. I believe (and know personally) that there are pastors in each of these categories. Some church growth authors suggest that every Pastor should be able to grow with their church. I disagree. I think that some Pastors are just simply called to lead smaller flocks...and vice versa.

Either way, we need to keep remembering that our call is to grow people. God grows churches.

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