Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Milestone Meeting

Last night we held what I believe was a milestone meeting! We have longed for the day when we could get all of our Ministry Leaders together in one room. You may be thinking..."Wow, you have never done that?" Well, no. At least not in a really long time. It was past due. Last night was our first of quarterly power meeting for inspiration and information. It was a great sight to have 17 passionate and committed leaders in one room looking to the future.

If you are a CCF'r, you may find the list below helpful. These are all of our ministries and ministry leaders to date. You will be seeing and hearing more about them as we increase their visibility at CCF. They are making it happen!! So proud to have each of them on the team.

Small Groups:

· Small Groups-Pastor Nelson

o Support ministries- Carol Roberts

Large Group:

Vision, Tone, Message Planning & Service Oversight- Pastoral Team

· Worship Team- Caleb Kaye

· Production Team- Caleb Kaye (temporarily)

· Ushers- Carol Grizzle

· Greeters- Selah Hunt

· Welcome Center- Rena Key

· Fellowship Team- Bertie Chandler

Student Ministries:

· Capi’s Babies- Melissa Kaye

· Capi’s Kids- Tricia Kaye

· Club 56- Lisa Edwards

· Club 78- Jaye Lindo

· Youth Ministry- Several Volunteer Staff

Other Ministries:

· Keenagers- Lew Good

· Women’s Ministry- Pam Kaye

· Phone Ministry- Jaye Lindo

· Congregational Care Team- Jessica Okanya

· International Team- Hal Smith

· Dance Ministry- Sharonda Roberts

· Discovery- Pastors

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